Sometimes life can feel very challenging.

Counselling could help you…

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, I am currently offering sessions via video (Zoom/Skype), and telephone, and am hoping to resume face to face counselling by the end of May (subject to Government guidelines)


We may struggle to cope with feelings and emotions that come to the surface. They may become overwhelming, unbearable and make us feel isolated. At such times it might be helpful to discuss our problems and concerns with somebody outside of our normal surroundings.

Problems are personal, and the reasons for seeking counselling could be triggered by all sorts of things (for example), relationship difficulties, stress at work or at home, unemployment, redundancy or retirement, bereavement, loss of confidence, or low self-esteem.

We might have a clue as to what is annoying or upsetting us, but quite often we can struggle to understand the underlying issues that are clouding our life. Unwittingly, we may create a cycle of blame or self-loathing in which we get lost, finding it difficult to move forwards and live our lives.

Counselling could help you.

Counselling can offer the time we lack in everyday life to acknowledge and examine the losses, anxieties or frustrations we may be feeling.

I am trained as a psychodynamic counsellor, a talking therapy, which aims to explore how past experiences (often from very early years of childhood), may be impacting on your present difficulties. The work that we do together will give us the space to reflect on long held, often unconscious, assumptions and beliefs that may be behind these troubled feelings. We might examine what or who has impacted or contributed towards our current behaviour, beliefs, or ways of relating in certain situations. This will allow us to reflect on and re-evaluate the significance and meaning of these triggers or events from the past, in light of our life today, giving us new insights, freeing us to make the choices that could enable change and growth, and perhaps feel more fulfilled as a result.

Counselling is often challenging work as it involves self-reflection, exploring feelings and testing out deeply rooted thoughts and beliefs in order to begin thinking about the possibility of change. It might provide new opportunities for you to examine what has brought you to this point or what is obstructing you from moving forwards.

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