What To Expect

In our initial meeting I will listen carefully to the things that are troubling you and ask you some questions that will help me gain a clear picture of the issues that concern you, and understand what you are looking for from counselling. The work that we will then do together will vary, depending on your individual needs, as will the pace we work at. Much of the work will be about helping you to explore and understand yourself more, relative to both current and past problems that you have encountered, for example in relationships; rather than telling you what to do. We may work on specific problems that may lead to change and a better sense of self.

Sessions normally last for 60 minutes and tend to be on a weekly basis. Our initial meeting may last a little longer, where we will decide how to work together. We may agree to work on an open ended basis or for a specific number of sessions.

The material that we discuss in our meeting together remains confidential, with two important provisos: My work as a counsellor is supervised by an experienced colleague and I discuss my practice with this person on a regular basis to help me remain alert in my work. My supervisor, in turn, maintains the confidence that I offer you.

It is permissible for me under the BACP Code of Ethics to suspend the confidentiality of our meetings if I have compelling reason to believe that failure to do so will result in critical harm, either to you or another person. If a child is at immediate risk of likely critical harm, I am required by safeguarding law to disclose this. If I decide that it is necessary for me to break confidence on these grounds, I will discuss it with you at the earliest opportunity.

Get in Touch

To find out more, to make an initial appointment or ask me any questions you can contact me by visiting my contact page or complete this form.